Welcome! I hope that every day with your pet be furr-filling! Pets are such a wonderful addition to our lives. I have always had a love for animals of all species. Friends Furrever is looking forward to being a part of your pet pals extended family. Love is what guides me, and experience is what makes me capable of giving your pet all the love, care, and attention that he or she deserves. Friends Furrever is excited to begin caring for and building a grrrrreat relationship with your pet pal! Thank you.





Furrever yours,




Tia Friend-Johnson








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6 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I love my cat Franky! I had Tia from Friends Furrever pet sit while I was away and she did such a great job. Franky is a busy body,so I am always worried about who I leave him with when I am away. I told her that Franky was a handful and she still agreed to care for him! Needless to say, Franky had such a good time I think he wanted Tia to stay! Franky and I want to thank FRIENDS FURREVER for doing an absolutely great job!

  2. Its spring time! Time to get ready and enjoy the weather with your furry friend! I am always looking for new adventures with my pet pals. I am having a great time walking and enjoying the company of all my furry friends. I have recently been volunteering with the Indiana Northwest Shelter and I love giving the dogs a walks and playtime while they are waiting to be adopted! Hope everyone has a grreat day!

  3. Hi Tia,
    I understand you are now offering an awesome training program from basic to extensive .
    I’ve gotten the buzz that your clients are quite pleased with this aspect of your business.
    Will you speak more about this?
    Thank you! Have a pawsome day! 😉

    • Yes! I am definitely offering more options in regards to training. I have a basic obedience, advanced, and the protection package! I am excited to expand and to offer these courses. Best of all, I love to see how pleased my clients are with the outcome of the training.

    • I am overjoyed that my clients value the services provided by FriendsFurrever Pet Services. We have fun, innovative, and array of knowledgeable tools to utilize in our canine educational program. FriendsFurrever is excited to share this with our clients! Come check us out!


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