mission statement


To educate people and their pets through the power of obedience training.

About us:

“EmBark on A PAWsitive Experience with Friends Furrever!”

Here in Friends Furrever land our core principle is OBEDIENCE IS EVERYTHING! We understand that obedience training  is a form of both verbal and non verbal communication that strengthens and encourages the bond between humans and their canine companions. Obedience literally can be a lifesaver!

Through our various obedience programs, humans and animals form a unique understanding of each other in fun and innovative ways. Friends Furrever incorporates education in all the services we provide. From walking, to pet sitting, your pet will gain an understanding of general etiquette.

We recognize that although breeding comes in to factor, each dog has its own unique personality.  Friends Furrever Pet Services, Inc. provides consistent, excellent service because we are in tune with the specific needs of both humans and their animal companions. We work as a team with to get the best results for all involved! Friends Furrever Pet Services Inc. is honored and grateful to all of our clients who become part of our Friends Furrever FURRmily.

Furrever grateful to be of service,

Tia Friend-Johnson

Friends Furrever Pet Services, Inc.